Fall Hiking Recommendations🍂

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
It's the best time to enjoy the cozy fall vibe and explore fall colours with a hike!
Here are some unforgettable hiking recommendations🍂🍁


the United States 📍Silver Falls State Park
Route: The Trail of Ten Falls (12km)
As the name suggests, the trail takes you on a journey to witness ten magnificent waterfalls along the way. It is a popular trail for nature lovers and hikers, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity to experience the beauty of cascading waterfalls in a lush forest setting. The trail is well-maintained and offers various viewpoints and access points to each of the ten falls, allowing visitors to fully appreciate their individual splendor. The roughly 8-mile loop is considered to be moderately difficult with some muddy areas, steep sections and an overall elevation change of 800 feet.
Why You Should Go: Silver Falls State Park is a magical place in Autumn. The Trial of ten Falls is where you can find the most amazing rainforest filled with vibrant hues of yellow leaves and waterfalls in between. This particular trail has up to 10 waterfalls to see, it's so cool to walk behind some of them. There was mist and drizzling rain.
Tips: For the safety of both pets and hikers, pets are not permitted on all waterfall trails, except the Rim and Upper North Falls trails. The temperature in the canyon is cooler, so plan accordingly and bring suitable clothing.
Canada 📍Mono Cliffs Provincial Park
Route: Walk through a canyon on the Spillway Trail or past 30 metre cliffs on the Cliff-Top Side Trail.
The greatest thing is that there are numerous hiking trails throughout the park. So whether you want to do a 2km or 10km loop trail, there's something for everyone!
Why You Should Go: Mono Cliffs is located on the picturesque Bruce Trail. It offers excellent hiking and scenic views, protects many rare cliff-dwelling species, and is a fall colour hot spot. The park is in full bloom with maple leaf and it seems magical like a wonderland when fall arrives.
Tips: It opens year-round for day-use visits. But don't forget to book a reservation to enter the parking lot before heading there.
Germany 📍Jasmund National Park
Route: Hochuferweg Jasmund (11.6km)
Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes more than 3 hours to complete. Hochuferweg Jasmund follows along the coastline, offering spectacular natural landscapes and sea views. The hiking trail takes you through beautiful forests, cliffs, and rock formations, including the renowned chalk cliffs of Königsstuhl. Hikers can enjoy magnificent ocean views, picturesque cliffs, and beaches, as well as the opportunity to observe marine life and birds.
Why You Should Go: It offers a spectacular view of the Baltic Sea and the famous chalk cliffs. Ancient, magnificent beech forests are traversed, which are part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
The view from the top out across the Baltic is breathtaking and complete worth the trip. The colours of autumn give a very special charm to this park.
Tips: Jasmund National Park has designated trails for hiking. It's important to stick to these trails to protect the fragile ecosystem and ensure your own safety.
New Zealand 📍Te Araroa
Route: The Long Pathway (3000km)
It is known as New Zealand's Trail and offers hikers an opportunity to experience the country's diverse landscapes, from coastal beaches to rugged mountains.
At an average of 25 kms a day, the trail takes 120 days to walk – four months. If four months is too long out of a busy life, there’s plenty of Te Araroa tracks that you can walk as standalone sections. The Queen Charlotte Track or the Tongariro Crossing are amongst the better-known walks integrated into the route.
Why You Should Go:
Te Araroa means “The Long Path” and so it is. The Long Pathway, taking in spectacular landscapes from coastlines, volcanoes and forests to cities. New Zealand’s landscape is famously various, and the trail is a natural showcase of that diversity. Along the way, hikers will encounter stunning natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and charming towns. It winds 3000 km along coastal sand or the ridgelines of forested ranges, across farmland and volcanoes in the North Island and across the beautiful national parks, high country stations and mountain passes in the South Island.
Tips: The trail is divided into 160 sections, each typically taking a day or more to complete. It offers a range of difficulty levels, from relatively easy sections to more challenging mountainous terrain. Hikers can choose to complete the entire trail or select specific sections based on their preferences and time constraints.
Argentina 📍Mount Fitz Roy
Route: Fitz Roy Trek (58km)
It is a renowned hiking trail that attracts outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers alike. The Fitz Roy Trek traverses through stunning landscapes, including peaks, glaciers, lakes, and forests. This trail typically takes several days to complete, depending on the chosen hiking route and itinerary. The Fitz Roy Trek is considered one of the most challenging and beautiful hikes in Argentina, offering spectacular natural scenery and a unique outdoor experience.
Why You Should Go: The mountain's striking appearance is characterized by its jagged and serrated peaks, often shrouded in clouds or surrounded by swirling mists. It presents a breathtaking sight for hikers, photographers, and nature lovers who visit the area.
Mount Fitz Roy is regarded as one of the most challenging and prestigious climbs in the world, attracting experienced climbers from around the globe. However, non-technical hikers can still enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes and awe-inspiring views by embarking on various hiking trails that cater to different skill levels.
Tips: The weather can be highly changeable and unpredictable. It is advisable to check weather conditions, carry essential hiking gear, and be prepared for changing weather patterns while embarking on this adventure.
China 📍Meili Snow Mountains
Route: Yubeng Village——Sacred Waterfall——Ninong——Feilai Temple(55km)
This route is most beautiful during the golden autumn season. The road is relatively flat, allowing you to enjoy the splendid autumn colors while hiking.
Why You Should Go:
Meili Snow Mountains rises to 6,740 metres, the highest peak Kawagebo is the most beautiful snow mountain in the world and it has never been summited. The best time for hiking is from October to May. During this period, the sky is clearer, the air is purer, and the starry night sky twinkles above. In the early morning, you can witness the golden sunrise over Kawagepo.
Yubeng Village is located at the foot of Meili Snow Mountains, and it has a unique geographical environment. The most beautiful season in Yubeng Village is autumn, with its vibrant colors, clear weather, and the opportunity to witness golden sunlight almost every day.
The golden sunrise is a breathtaking natural phenomenon on Meili Snow Mountains. It can only be seen at specific times and locations. The golden lights descend from the sky, illuminating the mountaintop in a spectacular manner. This phenomenon usually occurs in the early hours of a clear morning. WunongDing and Feilai Temple are the best places to observe and capture the golden sunrise.
Tips: It's recommended to hire a local guide or join a reputable tour operator to ensure your safety. If you are feeling the effects of altitude like headache, shortness of breath, dizziness or rapid heart rate, take it slow with many breaks.


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