Newest developments on Hypershell project

We’re here to share some significant developments based on the real-world tests, your needs and expectations. Over the past mouths, these efforts finally comes to our work, and we’re thrilled to introduce Hypershell v1.5, incorporating these upgrades:
1.Upgrades to the Wearable System:
We have got experts with extensive experience in human movement research and a deep understanding of ergonomics joining our team. Their contributions have led to an enhanced waist belt design that repositions the support structure from the back sides of the waist to a more comfortable area near the coccyx and hip joints. By transitioning the load-bearing points from muscles to skeletal connections, long-term wearability is significantly improved. Additionally, the upgraded waist belt structure, featuring additional rigid support connecting more segments, allows for a reduced tightening force, ensuring prolonged wear without discomfort.
2.Enhancements to Backpack Compatibility:
Through in-depth discussions with our backers, we gained a deeper understanding of the outdoor enthusiasts' need for compatibility with large backpacks. Consequently, we adjusted the overall layout, reducing the maximum thickness of the Hypershell to approximately 2.5cm (60% reduction) at its thickest point. This redesign allows the Hypershell to be seamlessly integrated between the back and the backpack without interference, thereby surpassing the previous 45-inch backpack limitation and ensuring compatibility with any backpack size.
3.Improved Assistive Flexibility:
Following extensive interviews and feedback from our backers, we recognized the need for enhanced flexibility in outdoor scenarios. To address this requirement, we reconfigured the Hypershell's architecture by incorporating additional bionic servers. This upgrade enables more assistive modes, providing assistance during movements such as transitioning from sitting to standing. Moreover, the motor positions have been optimized to be closer to the hip joint axis, further enhancing the Hypershell's assistive capabilities.
4.Adjusted Battery Life Solution:
After carefully considering user expectations for battery life, we have upgraded the standard batteries for the Pro and Carbon versions, as well as the Step Further Kit, from 18650 to 21700 cells, resulting in a 50% capacity increase. Each individual battery now has a capacity of 74Wh, providing a combined range of approximately 35km for the Pro and Carbon models. However, we understand the impact of increased weight due to higher battery capacity. To address this, the standard configuration will include a single battery, providing a range of 17.5km. The battery replacement process has been designed for convenience, allowing for quick and seamless swapping.
5.Enhanced Computing Performance:
By introducing additional processors, we have enhanced the synchronization control of multiple bionic servers, resulting in more precise motion prediction and assistive control.
6.Improved Portability Solution:
The Hypershell now features a unique detachable body structure, allowing it to be disassembled into segments, similar to a trekking pole. This design significantly enhances portability.
With these improvements, we are willing to provide you with a truly exceptional experience.
We deeply appreciate your continued support, understanding, and patience throughout this journey. Your feedback and enthusiasm have been invaluable to us. We remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a revolutionary product that enhances your outdoor experiences.
Thank you once again for being a vital part of the Hypershell project.
Best regards,
Hypershell team


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Tom Fussell

Someone with bad knees will this help walking easier?

October 8, 2023 at 10:40am

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